The Great Taste Awards also awarded our bonbons and hazelnut cream!

At the 2021 Great Taste Awards in London, our forest fruit bonbon received 2 stars and our Zsutella hazelnut cream received 1 star from the jury!

At the competition organized by the Guild of Fine Food, 355 judges tasted and evaluated more than 14,000 different products. In total, 2 percent of submitted items received 3 stars, and 1,138 items (i.e., less than 10 percent) received 2 stars.

That is why it is a great honor that our forest fruit bonbon could return home with 2 stars, in addition to the words of appreciation from the jury.

Our 70% hazelnut chocolate cream, Zsutella, has been a huge crowd favorite since the beginning, about which the Great Taste jury commented:

Glossy cream with a rich chocolate appearance. Its aroma and taste are rich hazelnuts and dark chocolate.