Enjoy the luxury found in your chocolate.

Since 2019, we have been handcrafting, painting, and filling our bonbons. Well-known flavors like pistachio, coffee, vanilla, and mango never go out of style, but as we hinted in our previous article, the world of flavors is boundless, and we bravely experiment with it.

From the outset, our focus has been on quality and luxury. After all, with everything one does daily, why would we want to create something average when there's a much higher standard available? We believe in the balance that if one works hard, they should enjoy relaxation and pampering in high quality. ZAX Choco desserts are made precisely for these moments.

When we come home tired from work and crave something special, some attention, all it takes is to unwrap a ZAX Choco bonbon, and the handcrafted sweets transport you to another dimension in moments. Whether on weekdays or holidays, you can choose ZAX Choco because there's always something to celebrate in life. Yes, even after an ordinary workday.

It's no question that one of the common factors of our rapid success is the meticulous handcrafting, which in itself is a luxury. We spare no time or energy in making ZAX Choco sweets. We travel as far as Peru and/or Madagascar to source the best ingredients because ZAX Choco's quality is always of the highest standard.
We, as owners, guarantee this.

Of course, we also believe it's best if others, not us, say that what we bring to the table truly represents high quality. Thus, we continuously participate in competitions and measure ourselves against the world's best.

We are grateful and happy that the industry quickly recognized ZAX Choco products. In 2020, our passion fruit praline won a silver medal at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, and then at the International Chocolate Awards world competition, we were honored with two bronzes for our raspberry and salted caramel bonbons.

Our professional successes continue, but we'll write a separate blog post about that. What we want to emphasize here is the dedication and vocation we put into ensuring ZAX Choco truly stands as a luxury product. We gladly encourage everyone to allow themselves a pinch of luxury and try our special sweets. A genuine gastronomic delight that shouldn't be missed.

What's our closing statement? :)
Enjoy the luxury found in ZAX chocolate!