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For companies

Handcrafted chocolates, individually designed for corporate gifts, events, and personalized.

Every ZAX gift is completely unique

ZAX chocolates and praline collections are the perfect corporate gift. Give your guests, clients or colleagues our premium chocolates in a fully customized packaging matching your brand or the occasion you are celebrating.

Wide variety: you can choose from a wide range of ZAX premium chocolates including pralines (boxes of 2 to 100 pieces), bars, champagne boxes, dragees and gift packages.

Hand painted: We will match the coloring of your need on the chocolates as well

Unique packaging: We will customize the packaging to your needs

Design: We can help you design both the chocolates and the packaging as well

Delivery: our packages can be delivered with parcel service, courier or in a cooled transporter to your l or your recipients location

Wide Product Range: Choose from a broad selection of unique chocolates from ZAX, including bonbons (from 2-piece to 100-piece boxes), chocolate bars, truffles, dragees, and combined packages.

Painted Chocolate: We offer custom painting for our bonbons and bars upon request.

Custom Packaging: We tailor the packaging to match your company's or event's branding.

Design: We undertake the creative design of chocolates and their packaging, as well as their realization.

Delivery: We deliver our packages as per your preference, using GLS, courier service, or refrigerated vehicles to your location.

Company gifts

Boxes with custom logos

We can print a custom logo to any of our boxes for orders over 20. Our pralines can be painted to match the style.

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Fully branded boxes

If you are looking for full customization we can redesign any box to match your style. We can prepare a completely custom box from 200 pieces, and there is no extra charge if you order more than 500

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Gift boxes

We can create a special mix of products, such as praline boxes, dragees, spreads and even more in different gift boxes based on your needs

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Tegye különlegessé, újszerűvé az Ön által szervezett vállalati vagy privát eseményt egy-egy csokoládé kóstolóval, bemutatóval. A ZAX team készen áll a teljes csokoládé szerviz biztosítására.

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