What is the true essence of the ZAX Choco experience?

Almost 10 years ago, an idea emerged that we wanted to engage in chocolate-making. It was a significant shift for us, but deep down we knew or rather
felt that if our hearts led us to this, then we would establish premium quality in Hungary
in terms of chocolate-making. When one truly starts living their vocation, many sacrifices are made, but they know that sooner or later it will be a tremendous success. And so it was.

We dared to dream big and spared no money, time, or energy working on that dream
to make ZAX Choco quality known both in Hungary and Slovakia. It started as a hobby, then the passion grew, and today we have a successful chocolate business where progress never stops.

Our long-term success is undoubtedly due to our perseverance and determination. We research, develop, and discover. We offer new flavors, new combinations, and new experiences to our customers. We travel abroad for inspiration. We seek rare flavors and opportunities that haven't yet saturated the chocolate market. Why? Because we believe in continuous renewal. We believe our customers enjoy the magic of new flavors, but the tried-and-true flavors never go out of style, so we cater to that as well. Have you tried our yogurt-raspberry pairing
or our chocolate-coconut combination? What about our red wine bonbon?

ZAX Choco also favors the "eternal classic" flavor profile, but we have many bonbons in our range that offer an exceptionally unique experience. Our bonbon
boxes were conceived this way: we boldly combine the classic flavor profile
with unique and rare chocolates.

We believe everyone deserves a touch of luxury. While ZAX Choco makes a perfect gift, why not treat ourselves? Infuse everyday life with luxury. Why not pamper ourselves with a ZAX Choco bonbon on an ordinary Monday or Tuesday? Why not? Who said it's not possible?
Yes, this is the true ZAX Choco feeling! Enjoy life, eat delicious bonbons and desserts, even on a regular weekday!

With us, every step is taken with careful attention. From sourcing ingredients, processing the finest fruits, elegantly packaging the products, to precise home delivery.

Get closer to the ZAX Choco experience. Dare to be a hedonist and enjoy life with divine sweets!